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 Zorro homiahaka

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PostSubject: Zorro homiahaka   Zorro homiahaka Icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 6:41 pm

subject: jay sheeyah

name:Zorro homiahaka
job: hunter
race: native

Bio: I grew up with my father in coacheny, I'm a native and love the west I served as help to my father while hunting, shooting, or sparring. My mother died of tuberculosis when I was young. My father said that she was a kind and loving soul. After hard work at the fort my dad left and moved North to Atlanta, where today he still resides. My day to stop hunting is far from now and I send money and letters to him. The government took the fort when I got into loan issues. I am now trying to raid a new piece of property wherever I may wander up to. My dad always said that I'm a good fist fighter and gunslinger, and I always use my abilities. I am one to turn down a fight, unless it gets out of hand. I am Zorro and I try to do what is right. I decided to become the best of their is.
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Zorro homiahaka
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