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 Robert Wright (DECEASED)

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PostSubject: Robert Wright (DECEASED)   Robert Wright (DECEASED) Icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 4:24 pm

Name: Robert Wright

Age 31

Character Model: Shep Thomas

Job: OutLaw

A orphan, from Dodge City, was named after, the city's founder Robert M Wright, all the kids from the orphanage was named with Wright as last name, at least the unknowns ones. No one, really knows, his origins, since he was left on the streets, since he was little baby. A lot of folks, come and go by Dodge City. The State, suspects that his parents, left him behind. He was luck, that someone, found him and toke him alive to the orphanage.

Later, that luck, was turn to be a bad luck. The responsible for the orphanage was a group of very bad people, that the city, had a image as very nice people. But they had a Dark Side and treated the orphans kids, as slaves, taking them to mines and heavy jobs, as they get contracts.

After years, bee treated as a slave and beat up education, Robert and his "brothers" from the orphanage, toke revenge and kill every one, that run the institution. The State, then, start to pursue the "Unknown Kids" as later was named "The Unknown Gang", for killing the people, that put home and "love" to them.

During the persecution, many Unknown "kids", had die. But 13 of them, still missing. To the State, some were dead, some had left the country and some had hide and stay low. For the record, the Unknown Gang, did not exist any more, until now, that Robert Wright, decided to leave the hiding life and start looking for his companions.

As it goes, he decide to take, what every he wants, as every thing was taken from him, since he was a baby. Now he is fill with rage, and don't care about his or the others lives. He only care, about payback to society, what they toke from him.
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PostSubject: Re: Robert Wright (DECEASED)   Robert Wright (DECEASED) Icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 1:49 pm

Deceased, after a robbery attempt, at Armadillo General Store. Robert, was caught by surprise, but sure death.
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Robert Wright (DECEASED)
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