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 William Miller

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PostSubject: William Miller   William Miller Icon_minitimeFri May 24, 2013 12:43 am

Age: 30

Occupation: Soldier

Character Model: Fredrick Littlefield

Bio: Will and his twin brother Manny were both raised by their abusive father, who was a general in the army. He treated their discipline like boot camp, and started training them for combat at the age of 7. Before long the brothers were super soldiers, and their father got them a special position in the military. They were the very first Task Force, a special operations unit of the American Army. They were put to the test out in the field, and never failed one mission. Their hard work paid off when they were assigned to Texas to take care of some gang violence, a walk in the park for them. They are highly skilled in combat and tend to stay out of sight, and on a rare occasion they have conversations with strangers. They are here to get their job done, nothing else, and care nothing for the other problems of the state. William is the more cold hearted one, but his brother is said to have a soft side.
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William Miller
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