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 Daryl "Glassjaw" Palumbo

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PostSubject: Daryl "Glassjaw" Palumbo   Daryl "Glassjaw" Palumbo Icon_minitimeFri May 24, 2013 8:35 pm

Age; 35
Char Model; Conor Callahan

Bio: Daryl is a hardened lawmen, and if given the chance a merciless killer, maybe he has seen too much, but the years have been hard to Daryl. The emptiness of Daryl starts with the loss of his family, to a botched train heist where his teenage son stood up to a gang of robbers, if only to defend his mother and sister, ended in the massacre of the entire carriage.

Daryl has always put the law first, however some may view his aggressive and excessively violent nature warrant the removal of his title, a select few know how much of an asset that he can be, in the volatile nature of the western world.
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Daryl "Glassjaw" Palumbo
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