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 Marshal. Christopher Hanson

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PostSubject: Marshal. Christopher Hanson   Marshal. Christopher Hanson Icon_minitimeWed Dec 04, 2013 9:32 pm

Name: Christopher. Hanson

Age: 29

Character Model: Connor Callahan

Job: Texas Marshal

Bio: My name is Christopher Hanson, and my story is one of grief and hardship. I was born in Dixie's Land, early on in a frosty morning in my family's cabin. My Mother died giving birth to me, leaving me to fulfil many of the duties at home that my maw normally would have. At age 13 I finished school and went to follow in my daddies footsteps, a Deputy US Marshal. I became a Sheriff Deputy at 14 in a small town. They liked it because they only needed to pay me a few dollars a month, and I was never in any real danger. One day, when I was 15, a band of Walton's Gang came through and robbed the county bank. The Sheriff and other Deputy went to stop them and they told me to get everyone in town to the Saloon and keep them safe, so that's what I did. I heard lots of gunfire, and when I looked out, everyone was dead but one bandit. I watched him kill the Sheriff, my Uncle Tom. I walked up to him and arrested him. The next day I was given the title of Sheriff, as my 16th birthday was only a week away and that was the age limit in the state to be the town Sheriff. On my 16th birthday the first piece of business I handled was executing the sorry son of a bitch who killed my uncle in the middle of the street, no more Walton's Gang stepped foot in my town again. I led the town for two years, then I applied to join the US Marshal Service. I was declined, as they claimed they had a full staff. I then went to join the Texas Marshal Service, and they accepted. They told me that I would be in training for two years, so they promptly paired me up with an experienced Marshal named John Nast. Sadly, towards the end of my training, he was killed at his home by Native Americans who still haven't been caught. At 20 years old I became an Enlisted Marshal, and have been serving the great state of Texas ever since, the past nine years.
I am a friendly approachable person, unless I am drunk or if you have wronged the law. If both happen at the same time, I would be as far away from me as possible. My name is Christopher Hanson, and I am the Law, and I will enforce it until my last dying breath.
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Marshal. Christopher Hanson
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