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 Reverent Colin McCreedy (deceased)

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PostSubject: Reverent Colin McCreedy (deceased)   Reverent Colin McCreedy (deceased) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 07, 2013 10:34 pm

Age: 34

Occupation: Man of the Cloth (ex-Mayor)

Character Model: Professor MacDougal

Bio: Born in the United Kingdom and has come to spread the word of the lord and bring about order to the wild west though his sermon's. Reverent McCreedy. is a quick-thinking individual who, in his solitude up a Coots Chapel, has been left to his own devices too long and has lost...some of his sanity, expect the unexpected.

Upon his arrival there was a series of somewhat confusing events that unfolded. But in order to ensure peace and prosperity amongst the community, Colin McCreedy set out to spread the word to god, and although his first sermon was met with...mixed reactions, his determination proved invaluable. No longer than a week passed when the law enforcement in place at the time were proven corrupt and were chased out of town leaving Armadillo defenceless. A Mayor was needed and it was Colin who stepped forward to prevent anarchy.

Deceased - his final act was to help remove corruption, to do little evil for the greater good, Colin succeeded in killing the Judge and the lawyer and was imprisoned. The sheriff later visited Rev McCreedy in his cell and then shot the reverent in the head.
There are rumours that whenever a storm begins above Armadillo, that it is the work of the old Reverent McCreedy seeking to cleanse the town of its sins.

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Reverent Colin McCreedy (deceased) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reverent Colin McCreedy (deceased)   Reverent Colin McCreedy (deceased) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 11:47 pm

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Reverent Colin McCreedy (deceased)
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