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 Aldo Trappani

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PostSubject: Aldo Trappani    Aldo Trappani  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 8:52 pm

Name: Aldo Trappani

Age: 29

Character Model:

Faction: Outlaw

Bio: Aldo Trappani was born 6/2/1871 on a small farm in Florence,Italy. By the age of 14 both of his parents were dead, his father was sentenced to life in jail and died at age 33 his mother 4 years later by two rapist's. 5 years after she was killed Aldo found the names of the men who raped and killed his mother he swore to get revenge on them he went to a close friend whose father owned a blacksmith and was taught how to shoot a gun he worked on his family farm and saved up money from selling crops and such eventually he had enough for his own rifle revolver and horse a couple months went by and Aldos friend told him that he knows who the two men that killed his mother are and where to find them so Aldo bought a ticket on a boat took his horse and now is on a hunt for John Marston and Jack Wistlestone
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Aldo Trappani
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