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Character: Landon Rickets

I never met my mother, She died when i was born due to disease. When I was a little boy me and my father would go hunting everyday. He was a lawman and had an awesome partner named Levi who would go with us. When i was fifteen my Father was gunned down by some piece of shit in an ally while he was on patrol. His partner Levi was with him and carried him to a medical office where they contacted me. My dad died in that bed that night and I have never been able to forget it. I was then raised by my dad's partner Levi and he has been a pretty good father figure to me, he has become my only remaining family. Since then I have graduated from hunting animals and started hunting humans. Got my bounty hunters license when i was 22 and have moved into a small town named armadillo. This little town has been good to me, and I have fought to protect it against all kinds of evil. Sine then years have passed and i have retired and moved out to a house on a lake but I'm sure this is not the last time I will see the town of Armadillo. My son makes me so proud, he is a good kid and soon he will be moving over to armadillo to make a life for himself.
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Allan Kent
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