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 Franklin Skelter

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PostSubject: Franklin Skelter   Franklin Skelter Icon_minitimeWed May 01, 2013 7:15 am

afro After living in New York all my life, things were hard. Having to deal with gang fights most of my life,
my mother died when I was 18 age, and my father shortly dying of an infection I spent two years working as
a shop keeps assistant for a short time. During the day a thug help the shop up while I was in the back room doing inventory. I heard two shots and came running to the sounds in the front of the store, as I drew my revolver and started shooting. Not knowing who the thug was I shot him dead. I went home to my cold apartment afterwards.
after sleeping for awhile i was awoken by the sound of my screaming neighbors, a family of immigrants screaming in their language about the Molotov that crashed through our window I didn`t know what to make of it of it at the time, all I could do was run. leaving the backside of the building running for my life, a train coming by i jumped on a open passing cart. I wound up in Armadillo and found a job as the local general goods shop as the shopkeeper.

character: Mala Yawetch
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Franklin Skelter
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