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 Orrin "Deseo de muerte" Rosch

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PostSubject: Orrin "Deseo de muerte" Rosch   Orrin "Deseo de muerte" Rosch Icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 7:03 pm

Character Model: Landon Ricketts

Born in Chicago to Orin and Sarah Rosch between 1814 and 1816, his father Orin died when a construction beam rope snapped in turn swinging the beam into him killing him instantly and causing Orrin and mother Sarah to drift closer to poverty.

Less than four years later Sarah died of unknown causes, by this time Orrin was in his early twenties and due to his father’s passing without a job or connections but Orrin soon saw potential in new jobs for those willing to tame the sprawling open West and before long he set off to conquer these ambitions by becoming deputy and later marshal of Dodge city and Chief guard at Fort Dodge in this time he married and had eleven children over the next eighteen years.

By 1860 though an old Orrin with two of his children already in their graves and his age destroying his marshals position walked from his wife's deathbed stepped into the Dodge city saloon picked a fight with Cassie Dossit a well known outlaw and gunfighter and before the night was over Orrin was being taken from a blood filled puddle to the town doctor where four days later he awoke to find his wife dead from tuberculosis.

Many say Orrin turned to crime but some like his children just say he lost his morals killing the dirty dogs of the poker tables but letting mob justice slide this new attitude gave people the idea that he was a career killer with the local saloons townsfolk remarking to new comers “You see that guy he’s a killer he gone killed over nine men” but the increasing fame caused trouble with more and more men looking to make a name for themselves by killing the ageing gun hand now known by many as “the Destroying Angel of the Austinites”.

Orrin managed to keep his fame alive over the next couple of years killing many a man in the process but much to his own surprise grew older and eventually retired from killer’s lifestyle.

Orrin moved further south helping with exports and rare smuggling between Mexico and the US during most of his late forties but due to threats from ex Confederates Randal moved to Ridgewood farm to start construction of a new barn and house for the owner after a series of raids by natives.

During this time Orrin was involved in the battle of Hamlin's passing where for two hours brutal fighting erupted between the natives and a dozen or so ranch hands including his good friends Ed Banners and Ike Larkholme trying to protect Ridgewood Farm and nearby Rathskeller Fork, during the fight Orrin was hit by a natives arrow which pierced him in the chest and soon after the natives flanked their small position causing them to lose many men and in the ensuing panic a native managed to get close rifle butt Orrin and kill two of the ranchers.

After the fight Orrin was in a haze all around him he could see the dead and dying and in the background the odd gunshot finishing off the stragglers of the native side and within two minutes an army officer walked up to him and remarked that he was seconds from being scalped and would have been if his men hadn't arrived the army officer went on to ask for his name but they say he just walked away.

Since 1890 Orrin has been living the quite life usually doing odd jobs around the territory with his old friends Ike Larkholme and Ed Banners along with seeing his few remaining children but always returning to Hamlin's passing and the graves of the men lost there.

But be warned he may be old but his Colt 45 Peacemaker is not.

"I wanna get outta here but God just ain't given me an opportunity to die yet"

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Orrin "Deseo de muerte" Rosch
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